“Jewellery is like the perfect Spice. It always compliments what’s already there”.
Advanced Diploma in Jewellery design is a six-month course offered by IIFA Lancaster Degree College affiliated to Jain University. Since Jewellery designing is a rewarding career, IIFA helps every student to learn about the basic design creation, Coloring, rendering, costume jewellery, Gemology, Manufacturing & processing, Marketing the design and etc in a peculiar way. Our experienced professionals teach students about the tools, techniques and other technologies which lead them to work as an independent designer. The curriculum imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge which develops an entrepreneurship skills needed to every designer from designing jewellery to handling clients. On completing the jewellery designing in IIFA, each student shines bright in different career path as Fashion jewellery designer, Jewellery design consultant, Accessory designer, entrepreneur, Gemologist and etc.

Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10th[From any Recognized board]

Affiliated by Jain university

Duration:6 Months


  • Since Jewellery is an integral part in Indian Culture there is always a huge demand forever for jewellery.
  • The industry has emerged a lot with different kind of jewellery in the market and also has been found more versatile in nature.
  • A jewellery designer can get into different domains such as Design Firms, Gem retailing, Mines, Antique Houses, Research and Development Organizations, Precious Stones Consultancies, Garments and etc.
  • Students at IIFA trained well in the field of jewellery designing as professionals and also give them more career opportunities in different job roles like Jewellery designer, Trend analyst, design manager, Jewellery bloggers, Stylists and etc.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 6 Months]J

  1. Basic design creation
  2. Let’s start creations
  3. Creation: Ring
  4. Creation: Pendants
  5. Creation: Earings
  6. Creation: Bracelets
  7. Creation: Necklaces
  8. Creation: Accessories
  9. Rendering
  10. Coloring Rendering
  1. Jewellery designer
  2. Goldsmith
  3. Fashion jeweller
  4. Manufacturer
  5. Repair person
  6. Lapidary
  7. Jewellery artist
  8. Jewellery Merchandiser
  9. Casting Manager
  10. Gemstone Appraiser
  11. Embroidery Maker & Innovator
  1. Client designing
  2. Metallurgy
  3. Gemology
  4. Examination, submission of project
  5. Manufacturing & processing
  6. Marketing & processing
  7. Marketing
  8. Designer collection
  9. Annual design
  10. Project
  1. Gem Retailing
  2. Research and Development Organizations
  3. Educational Institutions
  4. Garments and Design Firms
  5. Manufacturing Industry
  6. Marketing Industry
  7. Hospitality Jobs
  8. Gem Wholesaling
  9. Mines
  10. Writing and Publishing Houses


Our Students were placed at the following companies.

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