1. We offer 1year full time course Diploma in Hotel Management
  2. The course has 2 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Hotel Management
  3. Offering a unique and comprehensive degree syllabus and prepares a student from the fundamentals which is essentially required in today’s industry.
Hotel Management

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 1 Year]

  1. Communicative English & Computer fundamentals (MSOffice)
  2. Front Office Management
  3. Food & Beverages service Management
  4. Accomodation operation Management
  1. Food & Beverage Production Management
  2. Tourism Management
  3. Principles of Management
  4. Hotel Accountancy, House Keeping & Hygeinic Sanitation


  1. A student who has earned a degree can have the following career
  2. Club Management
  3. Hotels and Restaurants
  4. Hospital Administration Catering
  5. Airline Catering and Cabin Services
  6. Guest Houses
  7. Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  8. Forest Lodges
  9. Hotel & Catering Institutes
  10. Catering departments - Shipping companies, Banks, Armed forces, Railways Hotel & Tourism Associations
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