Latest Update:Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 July 2024 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are Renderpub, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.

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Course - Overview

“To make a great design you must despise a good design”

Graphic Design has a lot of market demand in today’s world. It plays a critical role in website development in website development and content marketing. An attractive content and an impressive design would make an impact on the audience. Today, Graphic Designing course does not limit only to diploma. It also comes to you with many degree courses. BVA in Graphic Designing is one of the degree courses. IIFA Multimedia, the top-ranked among the top 10 Design Colleges in Bangalore offers BVA (Bachelor in Visual Arts) - Graphic designing which is a four years degree course affiliated to Bangalore University. The objective of the course is to impart the knowledge in Visual arts and Graphic designing. IIFA mainly focus on giving a better education which helps every student to get the in-depth knowledge about verbal, nonverbal communication, audio, visual communication and also the Visual Skills such as Technical drawing, Illustrations, Visual design, Branding, Advertising, and etc. Through proper lectures, discussions, demonstrations, Studio based projects, instructor led assignments, outdoor study, and Observational study students are trained to build their essential skills. Our BVA in Graphic Designing Course includes other skills like:

  • User Interface Design (UI Design)
  • Advertising
  • Gaming
  • Different types of drawing and communication formats
  • Print
  • Web
  • Digital
  • New Media Publications
  • Catalogue Production
  • Promotional Publication Design
  • New Media Design.


Observational Drawing -1 | Design Fundamentals - I | Drawing Fundamentals - I | Design Language - I | L1 - English | L2 - Kannada/Sanskrit/Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/French & other languages | Digital Fluency | Yoga | Health & Wellness

Observational Drawing - II | Design Fundamentals II | Drawing Fundamentals II | Design Language I - English | Design Language II - Kannada/Sanskrit/Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/French & other | languages | Environmental Studies - II | Sports | NCC/NSS/R&R/(S&G)/Cultural(1)

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Game Art | Animation Foundation | Art for Animation | Computer Graphics Fundamentals
Electives: Choose any one
a. Digital Design
b. Animation Design Thinking
c. Graphic Design - I
L1 - English
L2 - Kannada/Sanskrit/Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/French & other languages
Constitution of India - 2 | Sports | NCC/NSS/R&R/(S&G)/Cultural(2)

3D CGI Foundation | 2D-3D Digital Animation | Art for Animation

< Electives: Choose any one

a. Concept Art
b. Photography
c. Art Appreciation
L1 - English
L2 - Kannada/Sanskrit/Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/French & other languages
Artificial Intelligence | Sports | NCC/NSS/R&R/(S&G)/Cultural(2)

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Preproduction script to animatic | Character animation | BG Design & Development

Electives: Choose any one

a. Story Design & Visual Narratives b. Motion Graphics c. Virtual Cinematography UI & UX Design | Sports | NCC/NSS/R&R/(S&G)/Cultural(3)

Postproduction | Character Design & Development | Game Art
Electives Choose any one
a. 3D Character Setup
b. Film Appreciation
c. Effects Animation
Professional Communication | Sports | NCC/NSS/R&R/(S&G)/Cultural(3)

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Major Specialization - Animation/3D CGI/Preproduction/VFX | Graduation Project | Portfolio Development

Electives Choose any one

a. Animation Studio Design
b. Management

Graduation Project | Internship

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.

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