Latest Update:Campus Placement drive has been scheduled on 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 July 2024 from 10 AM onwards for B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia and B.Sc in Interior designing for final year Batch and Companies are Renderpub, BDiapers,Deluxe Entertainment Distribution India(P) Ltd. Students got placed with the following top companies like Deluxe Entertainment Pvt Ltd,K12,Renderpub,Animation Galaxy..Heartiest Congratulations! To all our BSC Students for successfully completing their graduation.

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Experience And Pursue Gaming Courses At The Prestigious Iifa Institute.

Game development and design go beyond just technical skill. It is a leadership and thinking style for the twenty-first century. Game Designing and Development is to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences, a combination of artistic and technological skills is required, making game design courses and game-creating courses an exciting and evolving field.

The objective of IIFA is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to produce games that are both enjoyable for players and up to industry standards, enabling you to be knowledgeable about the newest applications. Students who complete the IIFA's game design course successfully will be well-prepared to work as game designers, programmers, and artists, among other roles. With the knowledge and abilities they gain from our programme, students will be able to create games that are not only fun and interesting but also aesthetically stunning and technically sound.

Students who successfully complete IIFA's game Design course, game designing courses curriculum will be well-equipped to work as game designers, programmers, and artists, among other positions. Students will be able to develop games that are not just entertaining and engaging but also visually gorgeous and technically sound using the skills and information they acquire through our program. Our Aspirants are trained in creating games for a wide range of platforms, including PC, mobile, and consoles that are fun and engaging, also visually stunning and technically sound.

Top Best Game Designing And Game Development Courses In Bangalore

Do you enjoy creating video games? Do you have a good sense of aesthetics and a passion for interactive art, design, and entertainment? IIFA is a fantastic place to further your education. Game designing courses and Game development courses are remarkable, with hands-on workshops and academic courses in game design, culture, and technology. Learn about the various components of the game designing business and get started on the path to an exciting career at the most prestigious game design university. Come own your game development courses, planning, animation, or design abilities! There are several strategies available to assist you in reaching your objectives. By the end of the year, our students will have their own mini-games and full portfolios.

Eligibility Criteria For Game Designing And Game Development Courses

Any candidate who has completed their PUC or 10+2 in any field (Science, Business, or Arts) is eligible to apply for a Game Designing course UG or Diploma course. Graduates in game design are desired, although applicants from other fields are also welcome to enroll for PG-level courses.

Placements For Students After Completion Of The Game Designing Courses

After Completing The Game Designing Courses, IIFA Students Are Exposed To A Variety Of Work Prospects In The Following Positions:


Game Designer: A game designer is responsible for creating game mechanics, designing game levels, and balancing game play. They also identify game design trends

Game Programmer: A game programmer writes the code that makes a game work. They work with game engines, game mechanics, and level design.

Game Artist : A game artist creates 2D and 3D art assets that are used in games. They work with game engines, level design, and game mechanics.

Game Tester: A game tester tests games for quality and gameplay issues. They also provide feedback to game designers and programmers.

Game Marketer: A game marketer is responsible for promoting games to the target audience. They work with game design, game programming, and game art.

Types Of Gaming Designing Courses

SL. No. Course type Description
1. UG Courses Applicants to the three-year UG-BSc in Game Designing courses can learn innovative strategies and concepts for building compelling and interactive games. The Bangalore University curriculum includes foundations of game design, game sketching, principles of game development courses, programming techniques, game analysis, game mechanics, game aesthetics, game animation, and other disciplines.
2. PG Courses Any comparable bachelor's degree is admissible for admission to game designing courses and game development courses in postgraduation. The two-year PG exposes students to industry contacts, projects, and internships while also supporting them in getting a thorough grasp of the game designing process
3. Diploma Courses Students can get a diploma by enrolling in a game designing course. A diploma is simple and quick to obtain. Game designing Courses in diploma are ideal for anybody who wants to gain in-depth technical information about a certain field and may significantly boost one's résumé.
4. Short-Term Courses Students who already have a basic understanding of game designing can take short courses from IIFA Multimedia to hone their skills and get them ready for the demands of the game designing industry.

Game Designing Course Duration

S. No. Course Type Duration
1. UG Courses 3 Years/ 4 Years
2. PG Courses 2 Years
3. Short-Term Courses 3/6/9 Months

Program Description

This Master's degree in game designing courses prepares students for employment in the dynamic and quickly increasing game designing industry by providing in-depth knowledge and abilities in game designing , game development and production, animation, and virtual reality. Students will receive hands-on experience in game creation and design, as well as project management, collaboration, and creative problem-solving abilities.

Our graduate game designing courses is a full-time, Bangalore University-affiliated school that offers a Bachelor –BSc in Game Designing courses and game development courses through a program that lays a strong focus on both academic and practical knowledge. Graduates work in the gaming business as designers, programmers, producers, graphic artists, game testers, and game writers after completing their college degrees. While some people have founded their own gaming studios, others have found rewarding work at well-known firms. Graduates are currently working in fast-paced industries such as game design, animation, and programing.

This two-year diploma program in game designing courses offered by IIFA Multimedia, in collaboration with BSS (Bharat Sevak Samaj), focuses on the exploration of creativity and vision in the realm of game creation. The extensive curriculum of the program covers topics such as game engines, game dynamics, level design, game programming, 2D and 3D game art, game testing, and game marketing.

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Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.


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